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WONROWE VISION - MISSION INVINCIBLE (*CD + DVD, 2010) Steve Rowe Mortification

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CD (studio album) + DVD (live concert)


Wonrowe Vision is the creation of Steve Rowe, bass player vocalist for Australian headbangers Mortification. That being said this album sounds NOTHING like Mortification, aside from Steve?s vocals and rumbly bass playing. Mission Invincible is the title of the bands debut album and it rocks.

Lincoln Bowen plays guitar and Andrew Esnouf rounds out this trio on drums. Between the three of them they have created some high energy rock n roll with some Metal and Punk overtones, Think Ramones and Motorhead, wrapped up and delivered in a slightly less volatile package. Taylor made for an underground college metal show.

Spirit of the Rock is a motoring rock tune with a great hook. Don?t look for a vast array of power chords or complexity here, simplicity with melody and rawness. Most of the songs could easily be heard at a skate park or bar or motorcycle rally. Resident Spider and Radical Parrot have perhaps the most ?metal? on the frame as it were.

Vaporizer, The White Rock and Smile Your way Through Life just scream of Motorhead. After making that observation it should be pointed out that ?head have always viewed themselves as just a rock n roll band. In the same way Wonrowe Vision offer quite a bit of power and rawness while delivering a lot of bang for the buck. Not a rip off buck a tribute in which an artist pays homage to those who?ve come before them while delivering a map on how to get it done.

Rowe?s love for the Ramones is quite clear on the title track, I?m Not Afraid of the Dark and Wreath the Passion of My Fire. While the influence is obvious, the songs themselves are original. Perhaps the one song on this album that felt a little out of place to me is the single entitled Run in Circles. While I think it?s a good song, I don?t really think it?s a good representation of what this album is about. It veers toward a mellower or balladry (?) feel which is in direct contrast to the rest of the album.

Steve Rowe shows that he still has it crafting top drawer rock tunes with an appeal that is universal. Honestly, too many folks want to focus on Steve?s early work without giving his later work its due. I find that tragic and shortsighted. In one sense this release should silence those critics who claim that Steve is washed up. Mission Invincible puts all those doubts to rest once and for all.

For a limited time the album also comes with a DVD of two of the bands concerts; one at a skate park and the other in a club setting. I should also mention the quality of the cover artwork which I think simply screams PLAY IT LOUD! A great illustration I?d wear proudly on shirt.

Mission Invincible brings the load home and drops it right in your driveway. Greasy and dirty with a decade of dirt (from the Outback no less), the sweat spent during this records construction is quite clear. Direct pumping and raw rock n roll with an infectious groove that would fit nicely in any hard rock fans library.