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BELIEVER 2-CD BUNDLE - GABRIEL + TRANSHUMAN + LTD Collector Cards (*NEW-2021, Bombworks Records)

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  • Elite progressive, technical thrash metal
  • Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage) and Deron Miller (CKY)
  • Rocky Gray (Evanescence / Living Sacrifice) appears courtesy of Solid State
  • Joe Rico appears courtesy of the band Sacrifice
  • Scott Laird (violin) appears courtesy of Trauma Studios South
  • CD comes with foil-stamped band collector's card
  • Digitally remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • 12-page expanded booklet w lyrics and band pictures
  • Originally released in 2009 by Metal Blade Records
  • Aggressive heavy metal that will appeal to fans of the early thrash albums
  • First 9 tracks fit perfectly alongside Extraction from Mortality and Sanity Obscure!

    If you like haunting technical thrash/prog metal you might appreciate TRANSHUMAN. With a dense concept album like this you can get lost in it, but the more you listen the more you’ll differentiate them (songs) and catch a grip with the cohesive vision.                                                  MUSIC CRITIC & FAN


    2009 album from the late '80s/early '90s technical-Thrash Metallers, their first new album in 15 years. Gabriel includes guest appearances from Joe Rico (Sacrifice), Deron Miller (CKY/World Under Blood) and Rocky Gray (Evanescence/Soul Embraced/Living Sacrifice) amongst others.  Remastered to perfection by Bombworks Sound and fans are also treated to a special layout designed for collectors, by none other than NoLifeTilMetal's Scott Waters!  This is elite thrash metal that fits nicely alongside the band's early speed/thrash albums as well as Slayer, Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, and Municipal Waste!  The band does do some creative things with the last three tracks, but make no mistake - this is full on, in-your-face technical thrash METAL and it will melt the hearts of even the coldest critics.  Every CD comes with a special foil-stamped collector's card.  Put this CD in your player, and prepare for non-stop metallic destruction!  

    1 Medwton Guitar [Solo] – Deron Miller / Vocals [Voices] – William Keller 7:23
    2 A Moment In Prime / Guitar [Solo] – Joe Rico / Violin – Scott Laird 6:08
    3 Stoned / Guitar [Solo] – Jim Winters 4:33
    4 Redshift 5:21
    5 History Of Decline / Guitar [Solo] – Jim Winters 3:49
    6 The Need For Conflict 5:14
    7 Focused Lethality / Guitar [Solo] – Rocky Gray 3:47
    8 Shut Out The Sun 5:38
    9 The Brave / Vocals – Howard Jones 4:19
    10 Nonsense Mediated Decay / Concept By [Story] – John Boden  / Vocals [Voices] – Alexander Boden, John Boden 8:50
    11 Circus 0:29
    12 Coordinates 0:24
    13 Freedom 4:57

    Drums – Joey Daub
    Engineer – Jeff King, Joey Daub
    Guitar – Kevin Leaman
    Keyboards – Jeff King
    Vocals, Guitar – Kurt Bachman



    For what it's worth, I think the new Believer CD is awesome. The riffs are heavy, at times fast, but always controlled. Ted Kirkpatrick, drummer and founder of Tourniquet, once called Kurt Bachman his favorite guitar player when it came to riffs. I agree with him. I think if you enjoy metal of any kind, you should buy this CD. The lyrics make you think. Bachman leaves the interpretation to the listener, so I find it difficult to understand the meaning of titles or songs, but oh well. I really enjoy almost every song. "Stoned" is a great song that makes me think of the early martyrs in the Christian faith. Of course, I'm sure that was not necessarily what Bachman intended. "Medwton" is another cool song that causes one to join the scream "This calculation is killing me!" toward the close. "A Moment in Prime" has a great riff throughout the song and the lyrics, "It must be a nightmare or vampire's thirsting," are interesting to say the least. "The Need for Conflict" is another great song that culminates with the lyrics: "!" "Focused Lethality" is a great thrash song that has an interesting "solo" from Living Sacrifice's (and Soul Embraced's lead guitarist) Rocky Gray. I can't wait for the new Living Sacrifice CD. "Shut Out the Sun" has a very catchy chorus that I can't help but sing whenever it comes on my CD player. "The Brave" has cool verses and intricate guitar moments. Having Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage (a HUGE Believer fan)do the lead vocals is a nice change. However, I really like Kurt Bachman's vocal style. I know it's not for everybody, and I kind of like it that way.


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    • Elite progressive, technical thrash metal
    • CD comes with foil-stamped band collector's card
    • Digitally remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
    • 12-page expanded booklet w lyrics and band pictures
    • Originally released in 2011, this is the 10th Anniversary Edition
    • Originally released by Metal Blade Records
    • Aggressive heavy metal that will appeal to fans of the early thrash albums
    • Classic lineup
    • Cover art by artistic genius, Michael Rosner

    Technical-thrash metal masters, BELIEVER released Transhuman in 2011 on Metal Blade Records.  The album was produced by Trauma Team Productions and was mixed by Kevin Gutierrez (RAVEN, PROJECT: FAILING FLESH, DECEASED, DYSRYTHMIA, GARDEN OF SHADOWS).

    The band's thoughts on the album: "Sonically we're extremely happy with this album and can't wait for other people to hear it. We feel like this is a really strong and unique album in the BELIEVER catalog and it's something we're definitely proud of."

    "So what will you hear? As we mentioned, we focused more on the overall musicality which included more instrumental layers than we used before. The vocals were also more of a focus as we have had much feedback throughout the years, specifically to get out of the one dimensional realm. Kurt [Bachman] wanted the vocals to be more complimentary to the overall tune feel, so he used many facets of his vocal abilities. As with all BELIEVER albums, this one is definitely unique."

    Transhumanism: The study of the ramifications, promises, and potential dangers of technologies that will enable us to overcome fundamental human limitations, and the related study of the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies.

    Few albums in the metal genre transcend greatness like Transhuman.  Repackaged with an expanded 12-page booklet (with jewel case), digitally remastered (Rob Colwell / Bombworks Sound), and every CD comes with the exclusive foil-stamped trading card.  All this is intended to delight and tantalize collector's who take their music seriously - sound - packaging - extras.  Check - check - check.  Bombworks Records knows how to take care of fans and collectors.  Musically, Transhuman shows the band's willingness to grow and mature while still nurturing the fans who love the first three albums.  In fact, the album from the band's past that Transhuman reminds us of most is Dimensions.  If not in exact style, it resonates firmly in metallic innovation.  Few bands have the talent and ability to embrace such an aggressive, technical, and progressive vibe, while sounding so unique.  Voivod, Watchtower, Extol, Sadus, and Tourniquet can claim such elite status in the metal world - but Believer defines such categorization and claims ultimate power with their sovereign 2011 masterpiece, Transhuman.  


    How can they top this? I cannot see another CD coming close to spending as much time in my player for the next year as this release, Transhuman. It is simply fantastic. I love the progression from their last solid release, Gabriel. On this CD, one will notice the different vocal range of Mr. Kurt Bachman and it works beautifully. There is a great balance on this release with Bachman's much-appreciated screams and melodic choruses. I also noticed a bigger impression made by the bass sound. Excellent. Last, I enjoy the synthesizer taking a more prominent role on this disc. It just all comes together. Whether you are a long-time Believer fan or if you just love heavy rock/metal, this is a masterpiece. It's a perfect ten for me. Every song clicks, even the one instrumental has a movie-soundtrack feel to it and is very cool.... Get this so you also can have a new favorite CD nonstop in your player for the next year! God bless and happy listening!         

    1 Lie Awake 5:04
    2 G.U.T. 3:39
    3 Multiverse 4:44
    4 End Of Infinity 4:13
    5 Transfection 3:56
    6 Clean Room 4:50
    7 Currents 2:50
    8 Traveler 4:23
    9 Ego Machine 4:30
    10 Being No One 4:47
    11 Entanglement 4:16
    12 Mindsteps 6:53