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ULTIMATUM - INTO THE PIT (*NEW-CD, 2007, Retroactive)

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Over the past years I've been re-introduced to many thrash bands I lost track of over the years. This can be attributed to my discovery of [...]. Scott Water's metal collection is like nothing I've seen before and when I found out he was the vocalist of Ultimatum I was stunned to say the least. I had known about Ultimatum for many years though only a few songs here and there and liked what I heard. Unfortunately, their albums became increasingly difficult to find until now. Retroactive has made their previous albums available and though I didn't like them as much as many other thrash bands I was familiar with, it was still good quality thrash. Now with the release of Into The Pit, Ultimatum went from good thrash band to great thrash band (up there with Touniquet, Deliverance, Testament, Overkill, Vengeance Rising, and more). This is how thrash should be. Thundering double bass drums, shredding guitar solos, and aggressive vocals abound and I don't think any thrash fan wouldn't like this album. In previous reviews the only complaint I ever heard was Scott's vocals. I never understood it, Scott's voice is very unique and fit the music real well (sort of a mix of Bobby Blitz and Steve Souza). This time his vocals should cause those nay sayers to put their foot in their mouth with the power and aggressiveness of his vocals this time around (now he sounds similar to Obituary's John Tardy while maintaining his unique voice).