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FREEDOM OF SOUL - 2nd COMING (*Used-CD, 1994, BAI) Elite and Rare East Coast hip-hop

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FREEDOM OF SOUL - 2nd COMING (*Used-CD, 1994, BAI) Elite and rare East Coast hip-hop                                                                                      2C9.0519

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This album was actually from '94 lol Anyway, this is a tight album, all the songs are jammin', and right around the time Nas and Biggie got big, Freedom of Soul come in strong too. Folk like Crystal Lewis, Sup the Chemist and T-bone make a guest appearance on this cut which makes me wonder why this album is so underrated o_O. The jams are slick, my favorites being "Sooner or Later" "Never Changes" "Soul Swinger" "Home". Swing, Jazz, Hip-Hop, you got it. East Coast Christian Hip Hop baby. Would looove it if they were still around.

The 2nd Comin' 4:52
Home 3:44
Dusk Till Dawn 3:34
Sooner Or Later 4:16
Not This Record 4:30
Untitled (Hidden Skit) 0:06
Never Changes 5:00
Soul Swinger 3:28
Sonshyne 4:02
How Much It Cost? 4:28