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Neal Morse - Testimony Two - Live in Los Angeles (*NEW 3x CD + 2 DVD Set) Only two copies!

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Neal Morse - Testimony Two - Live in Los Angeles (*NEW 3x CD + 2 DVD Set) 

Hot off the presses! Fresh from Neal Morse s recent T2 World Tour, comes this amazing package consisting of 3 Audio CDs and 2 Full Length DVDs with over 3 hours of mind blowing music and a whopping 4 hours of concert footage and extras! Guaranteed to excite and satisfy the prog fan this Christmas and for years to come.

This is the closest you can get to being on the tour without actually being their! Contains professionally shot footage of the historic reunion of Neal Morse and Spock s Beard, Live from the High Voltage Festival in London and a 90 minute behind the scenes tour documentary!

CD1-1 Lifeline 14:04
CD1-2 Leviathan 6:54
The Separated Man (19:26)
CD1-3 i) I'm In A Cage
CD1-3 ii) I Am The Man
CD1-3 iii) The Man's Gone (Reprise)
CD1-3 iv) Something Within Me Remembers
CD1-4 Sola Scriptura 18:41
CD2-1 Seeds Of Gold 26:51
Testimony 1 - Part 5 (9:46)
CD2-2 i) Overture No. 3
CD2-2 ii) Rejoice
CD2-2 iii) Oh Lord My God
CD2-2 iv) God's Theme
Reunion (11:01)
CD 2-3 i) No Separation
CD2-3 ii) Grand Finale
CD2-3 iii) Make Us One
Testimony 2
Part Six:
CD3-1 Mercy Street 6:14
CD3-2 Overture No. 4 5:41
CD3-3 Time Changer 6:06
CD3-4 Jayda 7:33
Part Seven:
CD3-5 Nighttime Collectors 4:26
CD3-6 Time Has Come Today 4:40
CD3-7 Jesus' Blood 5:25
CD3-8 The Truth Will Set You Free 7:37
Part Eight:
CD3-9 Chance Of A Lifetime 6:54
CD3-10 Jesus Bring Me Home 4:45
CD3-11 Read Dog Blues 2:16
CD3-12 It's For You 6:14
CD3-13 Crossing Over/Mercy Street Revisited 12:08
DVD1-1 Testimony 2 Concert Part 1 109:00
DVD1-2 Neal Morse With Spock's Beard