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Since the band's inception in 1989, Saviour Machine has directly influenced a number of bands including Evanescence, Virgin Black, and Deliverance. The term "Gothic Metal" was first used to describe Saviour Machine's 1993 album (Metal Hammer - Sept 1993 Greece). According to The Encyclopedia of CCM, "Saviour Machine is an experimental rock band that has no competitors and no equals in the world of Christian rock - or even in the general market." Often tagged "gothic" (masks, make-up, theatrics during live performances) their sound draws on art-rock, metal, classical, and progressive influences. In 1990 the band began as one of the first ever to self-release a professionally recorded album on Compact Disc independent of record label support! True Tunes Magazine would describe the music as "dramatic, metal-edged, ambient music." Of primary interest to fans is the 20 minute track "The Revelation," which is divided into five distinct parts and serves as a precursor to their epic Legend series releases. In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the release of the eight track 1990 Demo, Retroactive Records and Paradox Productions present the album completely remixed (by Eric Clayton and Brian Kehew) and remastered (J Powell of Steinhaus), from the original analog tapes! LIMITED EDITION pressing of just 500 copies! For fans of Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, U2, Black Sabbath, Queensryche, and Dream Theater!

01. Carnival Of Souls 02. Streams 03. The Wall Of Life 04. Transcendence 05. Silent Vision 06. Retribution 07. When The Cat Came Home 08. The Revelation: I. The Blood of The Lamb II. The Plague III. The Veil of Armageddon IV. The Wrath V. The Resurrection