Ty Tabor ‎– Alien Beans (*NEW-2x CD Set, 2018, Rat Pack) King's X guitarist **Last Copy

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Ty Tabor ‎– Alien Beans (*NEW-2x CD Set, 2018, Rat Pack) King's X guitarist

2017 two CD release from King's X guitarist Ty Tabor. Alien Beans is a double disc album that features 10 all new studio tracks and a "best of" compilation disc featuring 11 newly re-mixed and re-mastered tracks from Ty's previous releases. Regarding the album, Ty comments, "I wanted to do a rock album and put some new, heavier stuff together. Along the way we also decided to remix some of the older stuff and make it a double album. Everything just fits together like it should. The whole concept behind the album was to simply re-release a lot of my old catalog that was only available online and that most people didn't really know about. Basically, my back catalog has kind of been hidden among the fans for a long time, but I didn't just want to re-release the same stuff. A lot of times when you release an album you wish you could go back later and fix a little thing, or mix this differently, or whatever. Well, I took a look at all the old songs in that light and I did do some tweaking. I remixed some of it and I remastered all of it. But we didn't stop there. We ended up spending a year writing a whole new album too and decided to put them both out together. So, it's not just the old compilation of stuff that people know about, but it's brand new songs too. Double album, old and new."

1-1 Alien Beans 1:11
1-2 Freight Train 2:42
1-3 Johnny Guitar 3:54
1-4 So Here's To You 3:40
1-5 Back It Down 3:04
1-6 Somebody Lied 3:58
1-7 This Time 4:25
1-8 Heavily Twisted 4:21
1-9 Until This Day Is Done 6:27
1-10 Deeper Place 3:29
2-1 'Cause We Believed (Blame It) 3:58
2-2 Free Yourself 3:26
2-3 Ride 4:52
2-4 Senseless Paranoia 3:25
2-5 Money Mouth 3:33
2-6 Fast Asleep 2:56
2-7 Politician's Creed 3:42
2-8 Play 6:20
2-9 Bring It On Back 4:05
2-10 Nobody Wins When Nobody Plays 4:04
2-11 Change 3:24