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Crimson Thorn - Anthology of Brutality: 1992-2002 The Complete Collective Works (3-CD Set) 2017

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Release Date: March 28th, 2017

Barcode: 651402978864

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3 CD Set in 6 panel digi-wallet

Record Label: Bombworks Records

Product ID: BW1403

Crimson Thorn is one of the most technical and pummeling death metal bands ever! They stand toe to toe with bands like Obituary, Carcass, and Cannibal Corpse. Crimson Thorn is one of the few Christian death metal bands that could ever be put in such an elite category. The vocals are low and ultra-gutteral. One album literally included a liner note warning that no effects were used on the vocals! From beginning to end the blast beats, double bass assaults, gutteral growls, and general death metal fury never lets up. This release features all three albums remastered and combined onto three CDs. These classic albums - Unearthed (1994), Dissection (1997), and Purification (2002) have long been out of print. Fans can once again discover the delight and joy of the deep, distressing, and downright disturbing sounds of Crimson Thorn!

UNEARTHED - Plus Plagued Demo Remastered

1. Unearthed

2. Decrepit

3. Cultivate Decay

4. Ignorant Self

5. Your Carcass

6. Asphyxiated

7. Malignant Masters

8. Defaced

9. Comatose

10. Imminent Wrath

11. No Exceptions

12. Perverse Policies (Plagued Demo)

13. Misrepresented Representation (Plagued Demo)

14. Prophet of Death (Plagued Demo)

15. Crimson Thorn (Plagued Demo)

16. Plagued (Plagued Demo)

17. Corruption of the Flesh (Plagued Demo)

18. No Suicide (Plagued Demo)

DISSECTION - Plus LS Cover, "Hidden Track", and Stryper Cover

1. Beaten Beyond

2. Eternal Life

3. Deepest Affliction

4. Dissection

5. Putrid Condemnation

6. All Authority

7. Bloodletting

8. My Salvation

9. Suffering

10. I Ask

11. 2nd Timothy 3

12. Grave of Rebirth

13. Psallo

14. Anorexia Spiritual (Living Sacrifice Cover)

15. Something Else

16. Loud 'N Clear (Stryper Cover)

PURIFICATION - Plus Live in Minneapolis

1. Lack of Compassion

2. Humbled

3. Sarcastic Deviation

4. Withered

5. My Neighbor

6. Narrow

7. Eviscerate

8. Meaningless

9. The Word

10. Misguided Mercy

11. Finding

12. Masquerade Deceit

13. Intro - Imminent Wrath (Live in Minneapolis)

14. Sarcastic Deviation (Live in Minneapolis)

15. Putrid Condemnation (Live in Minneapolis)