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ADRIANGALE - LIVE PROGRAM (Kivel Records) Jamie Rowe Metal! CD

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We are great friends with the Adriangale label, Kivel Records and this is a great mainstream melodic metal album!


Back in 2000, the buzz that was generated from AdrianGale's debut Feel The Fire apparently warranted the powers that be to build on the momentum. As a result, the EP Under The Hood was released with alternative takes along with some live tracks. The latter was of poor quality and should have stayed in the vault. The big question presented here is does history repeat itself or do we have a legitimate presentation of AdrianGale live?

To keep you out of suspense, this live documentation is certainly a significant improvement upon the previous live tracks that were released on Under The Hood. However, it does not come without flaws. Most of the time live albums are either one of two presentations. They are either a rough but realistic photo of the band outside of the restrictions of a studio or a presentation that has been overdubbed and touched up to the point that it sounds like a studio recording with the audience on a "laugh track". Apparently, AdrianGale decided on the former.

The history behind the concept was that back in 2003 the band was to make a live recording of one of their shows. Beyond their control, the concert was cancelled yet the band decided to take matters into their own hands. Instead, they rented a warehouse, invited a crowd and let the tape roll which finally translated to this document. Due to the pending new studio recording of Crunch, which to date is definitely their finest moment, the official release of Live Program was pushed back until earlier this year. As a result, the actual tracks represent the better of their first two albums featuring 7 tracks from Reprogram and 6 from Feel The Fire, along with a few surprises.

The good news is the live tracks amassed from the disappointing Reprogram studio album are refurbished nicely here. Along with the anthem themes found on "Still Burning," "Giving It Up," "Closer" and "Feel The Fire," the album gets to the point with no apologies. One of the highlights of the album is "Mission Man" that is introduced by a short but powerful guitar passage from Scott Miller courtesy of the track "Riffageddon." Merging right into the thunderous drums courtesy of guest Frankie Calarco along with the throbbing bass line of Scott Novello, the song appears to have the mission of just rocking your socks off in a simple but direct fashion.

Otherwise, there is the bonus studio track "All My Heart," which is has a more power pop feel to it. Perhaps this was the direction that Jamie Rowe wanted to go who has since veered off with his new group London Calling. However, the formal Web site has made no mention of whether his departure is a permanent one or what the future holds for AdrianGale.

Though the future of the band is not clear, this is a must for AdrianGale diehards despite its lack of timeliness. Nevertheless, the solid and energetic performance heard here also makes this a worthy introduction to those that are not familiar with the band. Come and check out what you have been missing. It may be the closing chapter of the band, as we know it.