ALICE COOPER - ALONG CAME A SPIDER + 3 Bonus Tracks (*NEW-CD, 2011) Brilliant hard rock!

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ALICE COOPER - ALONG CAME A SPIDER + 3 Bonus Tracks (*NEW-CD, 2011) Brilliant hard rock!

Alice Cooper's 25th studio album, re-released. Slash and Ozzy Osbourne perform as guests on two tracks. Contains 3 bonus tracks not included on the original 2008 release: 'Shadow of Yourself', 'I'll Still Be There' and 'Salvation (Acoustic Unplugged).'

1 Prologue / I Know Where You Live 4:22
2 Vengeance Is Mine
Guitar – Slash (3)
3 Wake The Dead
Harmonica – Ozzy Osbourne
4 Catch Me If You Can 3:16
5 (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side 3:16
6 Wrapped In Silk 4:17
7 Killed By Love 3:34
8 I'm Hungry 3:58
9 The One That Got Away 3:22
10 Salvation 4:36
11 I Am The Spider / Epilogue 5:21
12 Shadow Of Yourself 3:33
13 I'll Still Be There 3:55
14 Salvation (Acoustic Unplugged) 4:50

Whatever Alice Cooper does, in whatever genre, it is guaranteed to be superb. For me he has gone back to the Rock I knew, and have known in the best bands over the years. Someone with a back catalogue as large as Cooper's is bound to be self referential at some point, but wow the Coop turns this into a masterpiece theatre. The complaints against this album/CD should rightly be ignored... most of the stuff passing as rock currently is largely drivel.Cooper plays to all of his strong points in this work, his singing voice, his speaking voice, and Calico does some great voice work as well, and the guitarists play in styles right out of the Hollywood Vampires; this is just seminal Cooper material, especially considering the references back to "Steven" and what he could and could not have done, sort of musical/mythic hypothetical.Alice explores the lyrical madness in a very fun and vibrant way.
The Booklet with this CD is a key part of the CD. I really hope that a great, truly powerful DVD comes out with Eric Singer, and the Best band he can muster playing from this CD and the best of the work from this Theatrical/Sonic Master of the Macbre. Alice Never Rests, Alice Never Tires, Because... Alice is the Black Widow ???