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SWEET COMFORT BAND - PERFECT TIMING (*Pre-Owned Vinyl, 1984, Light) AOR classic - featuring John & Dino Elefante of Mastedon

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Jacket - G- with seem split and various damage

Sweet Comfort Band began as a straight forward R&B pop foursome, but quickly expanded their sound through experimentation with horns, jazz arrangements and progressive arena rock. Whatever they tried, the band set benchmarks for the Christian scene with regard to production values, innovation and sheer musical competence. The Thomson brothers gained recognition as one of the finest rhythm sections in all of Christian rock. Randy Thomas became a guitar hero. And, Bryan Duncan, well, Duncan came to be acknowledged as having one of the finest voices in rock and roll, period. Originally released in 1984, Perfect Timing shows a band fully embracing the high energy, progressive rock sound that made them peers of among Kansas, Styx and Petra. The presence of mainstream rock band, Kansas alums, Dino Elefante (producer) and John Elefante (guest vocals) only make the transition to full-on stadium rock all the more convincing. Perfect Timing was the last album Sweet Comfort Band released. Bryan Duncan would go on to become a superstar in Christian pop, filling the airwaves for more than fifteen years with heartfelt ballads and up-tempo dance songs. Randy Thomas joined forces with Bob Carlisle and formed The Allies, one of the most important classic Christian rock bands from 1985-1992. This Limited Edition reissue comes packaged in a full color digipak with enhanced original artwork and is properly remastered for a high quality audio experience! Full promotional/magazine campaign. Features CCM giants, Bryan Duncan (solo) and Randy Thomas (Allies). Features guest appearance by John Elefante (Kansas). Produced and engineered by the legendary Dino Elefante (Kansas, Mastedon)

Perfect Timing 3:26
Habit Of Hate 3:32
You Led Me To Believe 5:08
Don't Bother Me Now 3:49
Computer Age 3:32
Sing For The Melody 3:42
Lookin' For The Answer 4:45
Envy & Jealousy 4:20
Prodigal's Regret (Never Should Have Left You) 4:10
Neighborhood Kids 3:48