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FIGHTER - BANG THE DRUM (*Used-CD, 1992, Wonderland) AOR

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FIGHTER - BANG THE DRUM (*Used-CD, 1992, Wonderland) AOR

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1 Time Out
2 Alone With You
3 Bang The Drum
4 When Will We Learn
5 Faithfully
6 Avalanche
7 Try
8 So Much To Learn
9 Without You
10 Your Hand
11 Where Can Love Be Found

I had no idea what to expect from this album when I first got it. I had only known that it was Christian metal/rock. I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the music. This album could be enjoyed by anyone that loves 80's style AOR or hard rock. There are a few songs on here that will remind you of a hair metal band (which is great in my opinion) but most of the songs are probably more AOR with hard rock and hair metal influences. They are a Christian rock band but the lyrics are not overly religious and should not turn off those who don't appreciate that.

I am suprised by how often I will grab this CD to listen to when I am doing something on the computer. It is relaxing and yet rocks hard at times with soulful ballads spliced in. It is really a diverse set of songs and most of them work well for me. There is a female that sings some of the songs and she does a great job. In fact, the song "Alone With You" is my absolute favorite on this album. It reminds me of a song you might her from Heart or Journey with some major influences of Madonna's melodic pop classics from the 80's. The song opens up with a great guitar melody and then has a pulsatic rhythmic beat throughout that is REALLY catchy. Throw in a nice, although short, guitar solo in the middle and you have an EXTREMELY MELODIC and catchy song that will surely stick in your mind and make you long for more. The sample on doesn't do it justice in the least.

The song Faithfully is a piano based ballad with great vocals and compares well with a lot of Journey's best ballads. There are several melodic rockers like Time Out, Try and When Will We Learn with anthemic choruses and great guitar work throughout. Without You is a beautifully sung ballad with soulful melodies and lyrics. There are 11 songs on this disc and I can honestly say I like 7-8 of the eleven. That is a five star album in my book. Don't let the obscurity of this album fool you. If you like 80's style melodic rock that is diverse and full of guitars with the requisite ballads then you should like this.