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HEART - JUPTER'S DARLING (*Used-CD, 2004, Sovereign Artists) classic rock!

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Well cared for!  16 Tracks!

If you liked the hard-rocking Heart before the 80's power ballad era, you've got to love this CD. These ladies still know how to put music together. The power, punch, harmonic textures, and melodic hooks are very impressive. I'd say the overall "sound" (especially the guitar work and often low-register bass work) is a bit updated from the 70's heyday, but it's very reminiscent. It's a mix of hard rockers and ballads. The ballads are not so much the slick synthy 80's ballads, though--they are much more open and acoustic sounding. I especially like the vocal harmonies and arrangements. Overall, a very clean and well-balanced production job by Nancy. Historically, Heart lists Led Zep as an influence. On certain songs, it shows in Ann's vocals and the guitar riffs and tone. Extra points for Ann's vocal growls and grind on the harder tunes. It's great that Ann and Nancy are still around to offer their special touch and sound in a musical world that is, these days, at least as far as pop and rock are concerned, largely a wasteland.

My favorites:

Ballad--I Need the Rain. Wonderful instrumentation and arrangement. Beautiful minor tonality. Nancy's lead vocals are sugary sweet and the vocal harmonies just floor me--astounding. The song almost sounds like an Irish ballad at times; it has that melancholy feel and the choice of acoustic instrumentation sounds a bit "Gaelic" (perhaps something you'd hear from Solas or such bands).

Rocker--I'm Fine. Almost comical at times, but also just a kick-butt, head-bobbing rocker. Again, Nancy is on lead vocals. Great work. It's also interesting to note that her voice sounds a bit like Sheryl Crow here--kinda funny. Nancy's vocals sound surprisingly youthful, as well (let's face it, neither Wilson sister is a spring chicken).

1 Make Me
Written-By – A.Wilson*, C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*
2 Oldest Story In The World
Written-By – A.Wilson*, C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*
3 Things
Vocals [Sings] – Nancy*
Written-By – C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*
4 The Perfect Goodbye
Written-By – A.Wilson*, C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*
5 Enough
Written-By – A.Wilson*, C.Bartock*
6 Move On
Written-By – A.Wilson*, C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*
7 I Need The Rain
Pedal Steel Guitar – Terry Davison (2)
Vocals [Sings] – Nancy*
Written-By – C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*
8 I Give Up
Written-By – A.Wilson*, B.Smith*, C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*, S.Ennis*
9 Vainglorious
Written-By – A.Wilson*, C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*
10 No Other Love
Written-By – C.Prophet*
11 Led To One
Guitar [Ebow Guitar] – Mike McCready
Vocals [Sings] – Nancy*
Written-By – C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*
12 Down The Nile
Guitar [Leslie Guitar] – Mike McCready
Written-By – A.Wilson*, N.Wilson*
13 I'm Fine
Lead Guitar [Lead Guitars] – Mike McCready
Vocals [Sings] – Nancy*
Written-By – C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*
14 Fallen Ones
Guitar [Killer Counterpoint Guitar] – Jerry Cantrell
Written-By – A.Wilson*, C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*
15 Lost Angel
Written-By – N.Wilson*
16 Hello Moonglow
Vocals [Sings] – Nancy*
Written-By – C.Bartock*, N.Wilson*