LARRY NORMAN & PEOPLE! - THE ISRAEL TAPES 1974. A.D. (Vinyl, 1980, Phydeaux)

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Vinyl: Good (some light marks/may have surface noise but you can still listen enjoyably

Jacket: Good (various signs of wear to corners, etc.  Seems still in tact.

A live album featuring Larry Norman and People, recorded in 1974 ("a one-night-only performance at U.C.L.A.").


1. Fly Fly Fly

2. I Love You (1967)

3. I Love You (1974)

4. I Am the Six O?Clock News

5. Lonely By Myself

6. Baroquen Spirits

7. You Knew What You Were Doing

8. Forget Your Hexagram

9. I've Searched All Around the World

10. Sweet Song of Salvation

Another excellent loud in-concert underground recording of Norman rocking with fellow long-haired compadres of his old band People. A live performance from UCLA in 1974 to raise money for the Israeli Fund. Includes a reworking of their hit song I Love You, melding into the Norman-Stonehill composition of the same name. Everything else is pretty much vintage Norman, from early tunes like Forget Your Hexagram, Sweet Song Of Salvation and You Knew What You Were Doing (aka Baby Out Of Wedlock) to Garden-era numbers such as Baroquen Spirits, Fly Fly Fly and Lonely By Myself. Great guitar work and naked garage band feel, especially on the slowed-down explosive hard-rock/psych cover of I Am The Six O'Clock News. Heed the back cover advice ?To be played at full volume?. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).