LARRY NORMAN - THE STORY OF THE TUNE (Vinyl, Phydeaux, 1983)

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'The Tune' must probably rank as Larry's finest achievement as a songwriter and recording artist and as such when audiences were calling out their requests mid-concert the song was usually the one piano number which always featured in those fevered shouts from the crowd. In the course of the 14 minutes that the studio version runs for, a parable visiting some of the key points in God's dealing with humanity is told through the lyrics and the music. The point of the story is really only revealed in the last few lines. The piano holds the track together as Larry is backed by some members of the Solid Rock roster at the time and a full orchestra. (Reviewed by Dougie Adam in Cross Rhythmns)

01. The Tune: Creation, The Fall, The Law, Crucifixion, Ascension, Redemption, Grace

02. Country Church, Country People

03. Swing Low Sweet Chariot

04. Soul on Fire

05. If I got my Ticket