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Aeon Zen ‎– Enigma (*Used-CD, 2013, Nightmare Records) Progressive Metal (elite)

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Aeon Zen ‎– Enigma (*Used-CD, 2013, Nightmare Records) Progressive Metal (elite)

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1 Enter The Enigma 3:02
2 Artificial Soul 5:46
3 Divinity 3:58
4 Seven Hills 3:32
5 Warning
Soloist, Keyboards – Shaz (5)
6 Turned To Ash 4:25
7 Still Human 4:56
8 Eternal Snow 6:08
9 Downfall 6:53
10 Survival 5:18
11 Time Divine 2.0
Soloist, Guitar – Matt Shepherd (2)
Soloist, Keyboards – Shaz (5)

Aeon Zen's music has been described as transcending stylistic and generic boundaries, moving from soft to heavy and defying categorization as purely metal, rock, progressive. A fusion of many stylistic elements, Aeon Zen's music, includes catchy melodies, a diverse mix of songs and styles which run through the gamut of emotions. Aeon Zen shows a masterful sense of melody and technicality, the music is rich, lush, epic prog metal that will appeal to fans of both old school (Genesis and Yes) and also fans of Spock's Beard, Avantasia and Ayreon. The music is very uplifting.

In terms of comparison, many reviewers have noted their affinity with others in the Progressive Metal field, notably Dream Theater, Queensrÿche and Symphony X. The main departure from these groups is in the montage of styles presented on the album. According to the band, the name Aeon Zen was chosen to portray an "eternal state of bliss and enlightenment", although the use of Aeon as an adjective is a non-standard construction.

Composer Rich Hinks says, "I wanted to create something different to anything I had done before and I also wanted to achieve an effect with the album that was truly breathtaking and I was sure I had enough quality material to stand up on its own and be noticed".