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ALTAR BOYS - ALTAR BOYS (*Used-Vinyl, 1984, Ministry Resource)

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ALTAR BOYS - ALTAR BOYS (*Used-Vinyl, 1984, Ministry Resource)

Vinyl:  VG/VG+

Jacket:  VG+  generic sleeve

Very rare original issue!

This album signaled the ushering in of a new era in Christian music. The Holy-Spirit-driven energy of this then-new band drove their musical style in a way that had the sound of the best new-wave/rock bands of the day but infused it with a direct message -- namely, that Jesus can be every bit as relevant, real, and powerful today in your life as He was for Jesus' followers 2000 years ago.

Like any non-commercial band's first major album, it evinces the youthful expression and exuberance of its members, and portends of great things to come as their musical talents are further honed thru subsequent years. Fortunately, the Altar Boys stuck to their music long enough to be incredibly stellar both musically and in ministry -- an awesome legacy that any young or not-so-young Christian can look up to.

While the musical style doesn't match 2005 (the year of this review), it was a better era in Christian music, style aside. Few if any Christian bands in the last 20 years have had the level of directness in presenting the truth and power of Christianity, and also the powerful "connection" with the audience/fan/listener that the Altar Boys have. No obtuse references to a "higher power" here. It's straight medicine -- open up & get yourself a full dose!

I'm Into God
Have A Clue
Where's It Gonna Lead You
You Found Me
Take In The Son
Well O.K.
Good Life
Oh, Oh Nancy
We Love Jesus
It's Up To You