ApologetiX ‎– Adam Up (CD, 2003) Christian Parodies

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22 songs, nearly 78 minutes long - this CD has it all. Rock, pop, metal, classic rock, disco, country, oldies, soft rock and even 80s music. Included on this disc are some amazing parodies of some of the biggest songs of all time. Two CDs ago, the band parodied Eminem's rather annoying song "The Real Slim Shady", and it went over so well that they decided they should parody his latest hit - "Lose Yourself". And they do an excellent job of it too. This CD is full of goodies. One of the more interesting tracks is "Meshach", a parody of the 80s smash "Love Shack". Because ApologetiX doesn't have any female band members, they usually don't do songs that have female vocals in them. However, they went all out for this and brought in the female group Everlife to help them out. The result is a great song that sounds so close to the original you might find yourself living in the 80s again. Other standout tracks include "Sweet Oholibamah" ("Sweet Home Alabama"), "Choose Your Daddy" ("Who's Your Daddy" by Toby Keith), "Downer of a Sister" ("Chop Suey" by System of a Down) and "Guide The Way" ("By The Way" by Red Hot Chili Peppers). These guys have become so good at doing this that they can do a good job parodying songs by artists with such unique voices that you don't think anyone else could possibly do a song like that. However, J. proves that he can imitate just about any artist if he works hard enough. The song "It's Not Eden" ("Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five For Fighting) sounds so close to the original that it's extremely hard to tell the difference between the two. Great music and a great message. Even if you don't like parodies, you should look into this CD.


We're In A Parody Band 3:27
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Nameless 3:10
Boy Tell The World 2:52
Choose Your Daddy 3:06
Meshach 4:22
I'm Gonna Feed (500 Mouths) 3:33
Get Found Tonight 3:13
Look Yourself 4:55
Should I Pray Or Should I Go? 3:08
The Spittle 2:48
Sweet Oholibamah 4:44
It's Not Eden 3:38
Listening After Midnight 3:32
Psum 14 3:01
The Word 3:21
Wherever You Will Sow 3:25
Wake Up Talitha Cumi 2:02
Guide The Way 3:37
Little-Read Bible Book 2:42
Downer Of A Sister 3:31
Lazy Brain 4:51
Called My Wife 4:23