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ATOMIC OPERA - ALPHA & ORANGES (*Used-CD, 1999, Massive Groove Productions)

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ATOMIC OPERA - ALPHA & ORANGES (*Used-CD, 1999, Massive Groove Productions)                                                                    AO92419

This CD is a collection of studio out takes that lead up to the release of "For Madmen Only" which was released in 1994 on Warner Brothers/Giant Records. The ten tracks were all produced by Sam Taylor and recorded by Steve Ames in Houston, Texas studios between 1990-1993.

Atomic Opera is a Houston, Texas based band that came out of the music scene that produced King's X, Galactic Cowboys, The Awful Truth and other world reknown music groups. Atomic Opera is well known for their use of dark, heavy grooves combined with melodic pop songs. There is a philosophic, almost religous undertone to the lyrics. The founder of the band, Frank Hart, eventually revamped the group's lineup, and signed with Metal Blade Records.

BAND_MEMBERS: Frank Hart - Lead Vox, lead guitar Jonathan Marshall - Guitar, vocals Mark Poindexter - Drums, Vocals Len Sonnier - Bass, Vocals Jonas Velasco - Bass, Vocals

1. Rain Parade
2. For Madmen Only
3. All These Things
4. FeverDream #1
5. Magic Castle
6. Love In Grey
7. Meaningless Word
8. Paper Tiger
9. Spinning
10. Let Go