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Balance Of Power ‎– Book Of Secrets (*Used-CD, 1998, AOR Heaven) Prog with AOR influences

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Balance Of Power ‎– Book Of Secrets (*Used-CD, AOR Heaven) Prog with AOR influences

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1 Desert Of Lost Souls 0:53
2 Walking On Top Of The World 7:04
3 Book Of Secrets 7:42
4 When Heaven Calls Your Name 6:20
5 It's Not Over (Until It's Over) 5:02
6 Do You Dream Of Angels 5:46
7 Seven Days Into Nevermore 6:49
8 Miracles And Dreams 8:02
9 Stranger Days (To Come) 5:40

Im a Christian and i've always wanted to listen a band like this, I used to listen to fates warning, Queensryche and dream theater, and bands of the 80's rock scene, so listening to book of secrets is a delightful experience, the vocals are incredible, the guitars are very good and the songs are melodic and catchy , and still they are heavy and strong. As a guitar player and a songwriter, ( I have my own band called CODIGO ETERNO ) I can recommend this album. My favorites are: do you dream of angels, its not over( until its over ) and when heaven calls your name, but all the album is excellent, and very hard to find. I Have a copy signed by LANCE KING, and I consider myself very lucky, jeje, its a hard to find cd. BUY IT ¡¡¡ in years will be considered a classic of progressive metal.