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Balance Of Power ‎– Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion (*Used-CD, 1999, Nightmare)

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Balance Of Power ‎– Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion (*Used-CD, 1999, Nightmare) 

Well cared for - elite prog metal

Day Breaker 4:20
Prisoner Of Pride 5:46
Savage Tears 7:01
Under The Spell 5:05
Blind Man 6:50
About To Burn 5:16
Under Innocence Wing 1:20
Sins Of The World 4:47
The Darker Side 4:31
Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion 7:31

I love this album! I couldn't stand to see it have less than a five star average rating. I have almost a thousand albums - all metal, most of it melodic, prog etc. and this is one of my absolute favorites. I will acknowledge that there are a few flaws that aren't related to the compositions or the performances. For example, the production is good but far from the best which isn't surprising because I believe the band/drummer recorded it themselves. Another potential shortcoming is that the drums are played on an electronic drum kit. Vocalist Lance King has said this himself. I didn't notice it at first but a drummer friend said he could tell by the cymbals.

Oh to the great things. The song writing and arrangements are simply stellar. The pre choruses and choruses are so catchy that it's almost like having two complete choruses in one song. The pre chorus comes on and it sounds like a great chorus and then when the actual chorus comes it makes the song even better!
Vocals. Lance King is a fantastic singer with an amazing range. I believe the bassist Tony Richie wrote much of the melodies and this writing team made magic with this album. The backing vocals are perhaps the best I've ever heard. Seriously some of the best melodies I've ever heard.

This is not typical Euro power metal. It's not dark, U.S. power metal, either. BOP played a style of power metal meets some traditional heavy metal and trace of glam metal. A very refreshing sound.
Had this album had a slightly more polished production and the proper backing it cold have really made an impact in the hard rock/heavy metal community.