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BARREN CROSS - ROCK FOR THE KING (*NEW-CD, 1986/1990, Medusa) 

May or May NOT be in a long box. 

Medusa Records – 7 72329-2


Barren Cross: Rock for the King was one of the first Christian metal albums I heard aside from Stryper & Bloodgood. The message was clear as a bell and eventually led to my life changing decision. Back in 1990, I got the Medusa/Restless Records re-issue in the blue cover, with the group shot in jeans. The remaster did the album justice and made the songs even clearer. So I have both versions, the 1986 Star Song Records edition, and the 1990 Medusa Re-Issue. The live bonus tracks eventually ended up being in their live album a year later. I just recently placed an order for the Medusa Re-Release version on CD along with other Barren Cross albums I'm getting on CD for the first time. My hobby is collecting Christian metal so they will be treasured.

1 Dying Day
2 He Loves You
3 It's All Come True
4 Believe
5 Going Nowhere
6 Killer Of The Unborn (Live)
7 Rock For The King
8 Give Your Life
9 Just A Touch
10 Light The Flame
11 Dead Lock (Live)
12 Cultic Regimes (Live)
13 He Loves You (Live)
14 Living Dead (Live)
15 Heaven Or Nothing (Live)