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BRIDE - DROP (*Used-CD, 1995, Rugged Records)

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BRIDE - DROP (*Used-CD, 1995, Rugged Records) 

Well cared for...

Personal Savior 4:01
Mamma 5:04
You Never Knew Me 4:33
Life Is The Blues 4:25
Help 4:58
Only Hurts When I Laugh 3:42
Thrill A Minute 3:39
How Long 4:58
Have You Made It? 4:13
Nobodies Here 4:09
I'm The Devil 6:56
Jesus Came Back Via Jesus In A Pawn Shop 3:57

To start, if you're expecting the metal Bride's famous for, you won't get it here. Sure, this album is heavy...but not compared to their other work. Now, is this album worth buying? Absolutely. The songs here are very bluesy and more layed back, but they're spectacular in their own right. Get out of your time warp and learn to appreciate something other than metal. If there's one thing I've learned, it's not to have preconceptions of what a band's new album should sound like. If you buy this album expecting something, you'll be disappointed. But if you expect nothing and stay open to good music, you'll love it straight thru. A must buy.