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BRIGHTON - PROMISE OF LOVE (*Used-CD, 1991, Pakaderm) John and Dino Elefante!

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BRIGHTON - PROMISE OF LOVE (*Used-CD, 1991, Pakaderm)

Very well cared for!

Produced by John and Dino Elefante!


1 Promise Of Love

2 On Any Sunday

3 Wash Me In The Rain Again

4 I Would Die For You

5 And You Know

6 Anytime At All

7 (Doesn't Sound Like) Love To Me

8 Run Through The Flames

9 Boulevard

10 Cursing The Night


David Brighton vocals, guitars

Mark Robertson bass, vocals

Steven W. Latanation drums, vocals

Dino Elefante producer, guitar

John Elefante producer, backing vocals

Denny Bouchard keyboards

Total Running Time: 36:22