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1 Bryan's Hymn (When I Turn To You)
2 O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
3 I Surrender All
4 Beneath The Cross Of Jesus (Instrumental)
5 Come, Holy Spirit
6 Take My Life And Let It Be
7 A Heart Like Mine (Instrumental)
8 I Need Thee Every Hour
9 El Shaddai / You Are My Hiding Place (Instrumental)
10 As The Deer
11 Bryan's Prayer (I Love You With My Life)

If you love Bryan Duncan's music you better get this one! They do not manufacture it anymore and it is one of his rare, (as the title says) Quiet Prayers. It is for a quiet reflective time; but oh so powerful. Has many songs written by Bryan and his rendition of all time favorites as well. I only had the cassette of this album, and had to get one while the getting was good! Want to play it over and over and even have it played at my celebration service when I die and go home to be with Jesus! You won't be sorry you bought it. Passionate even tho' quiet.....always sung with Bryan's great intensity and feeling.