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CAGE - ASTROLOGY (*Pre-Owned CD, 2001, WWIII) elite melodic power metal

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CAGE - ASTROLOGY (*Pre-Owned CD, 2001, WWIII) elite melodic power metal

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1. Astrology
2. Final Solution
3. Psychotically Deranged
4. The Edge
5. Echelon
6. Root Of All Evil
7. The Trigger Effect
8. Souls And Flesh
9. Fountain Of Youth
10. Broken Dreams
11. Vandalize
12. Victim Of Society
13. The Astrologicon

This is what the return of heavy metal is all about! Not rap-metal, or hippity hop or any of that nonsense, but true, melodic, gritty and in-your-face-rock. As the rest of the world rejoices with countless new bands of true heavy metal, and has never forgotten the true classics of the genre, the U.S., aside from a small legion of loyal fans, fell somewhat behind, maybe because of the lack of support of major record companies, radio stations, and televison (MTV, here's prime material for the return of HEADBANGER'S BALL!!!)... but with CAGE, it really begins... if you are a fan of power and heavy metal, CAGE is a must-have in your collection! Spread the word, true metal is back, and CAGE are the chosen ones to lead the way!!!