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Full on thrash energy is delivered by the debut full length from Common Yet Forbidden. Following up their well-received independent EP "We Suffer Violence", Common Yet Forbidden takes 10 steps forward in every aspect and delivers one of the best metal albums of 2007. The band mixes furious technical thrash riffing, wicked guitar solos, killer blastbeats, intense vocals, and a HUGE wall of sound to craft modern thrash anthems full of passion and energy. The pace is incessant, daring the listener not to headbang or helicopter a head of long hair. 10 amazing songs comprise this CD, and they are sure to have metal fans chomping at the bit and wanting more. Be sure to catch Common Yet Forbidden on tour, as they really bring it live, increasing the energy level from the CD by at least a factor of 10 while putting on an amazing show.

Their full-length cd, "The Struggle," truly is an unknown rare gem. Every track is a real treat as each member of the band displays their full, unrestrained talent as exhibited in this sledgehammer to the face at breakneck speed onslaught of riff after riff of string, fret, sticks and pedals leaving a memorable imprint on your ears. Props also go to the frontman on vox for his death metal growl - he keeps it right on the wire and runs a fine line. Not too screamo, but not too grindcore of a growl where you're just listening to pigs being slaughtered over and over with no remorse. -He keeps it brutal, but still allows you to swallow every lyrical line, drawing you deeper and deeper into the words right before giving way to a high-sweeping, fret-dancing, daring solo. With little to no reliance on breakdowns (which most will come to appreciate) there are plenty of blast-beats, double-bass, sweeps, taps, dives, and intricate technical picking, riffing and the occasional surprise pinch-harmonic to make even the most shy metal-head pee his pants with glee.

My Top Three from the album have to be tracks 3. "Lake of Fire, Wake of Souls," 4. "Saints O' Saints," and rounding off the lot with the incredible Death Metal instrumental track 10. "Riff List." I would argue that the high points of the album are the middle tracks, but they all mesh together and wrap up nicely with #10. I could wear out this cd simply by how many times I crave playing the final Instrumental conclusion.

Overall, I give the album a 9/10. (Not a 10 only because of production. I think the recording/mixing of the bass drum kicks and guitars could've sounded a little stronger and tighter, but that's just my opinion. I definitely like to hear my thump-thumps and chug-chugs.) Great job guys, keep up the good work. Hope to see a new album out soon!

1 The Struggle
2 The Prodigal
3 Lake Of Fire, Wake Of Souls
4 Saints Of Saints
5 Face Of The Father
6 We Only Chase Wind
7 Anthem
8 Dead Alive
9 Still We Remain
10 Riff List (Instrumental)