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Crazed Bunnyz - Blutgasse 1988 Christian Alternative Industrial DEMO TAPE *NEW SEALED

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Crazed Bunnyz - Blutgasse 1988 Christian Alternative Industrial DEMO TAPE

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Black tape with white sticker label on each side

Crazed Bunnyz
1988 Plan 7 Dist.
Cerritos, California, USA

Shaka – Vox
Futch – Vox, Axe, Keys, & TV
Rezzen – Analog Bass
Boxx – Rhythm Computation

Side 1:
Blood Street
Days of Our Lives
Shine, You’re Scrambled
Yes Thank You, I Will
No N—–s

Side 2:
Earth (The Demon Seed)
Letter From Kristin
That Sucks
Sex Nazi
[message from the band]

This is the final Crazed Bunnyz demo (both to review for this site, as well as the actual last one they recorded). This is lo-fi indie punk electronic alt rock weirdness at its best. This really just shows that lo-fi budget recordings can be good if the people behind the music know how to make something interesting. I have always wondered with these guys could have recorded if they were placed in a big budget studio with a full band at their disposal. Would it ruin the songs? Would it produce a genius record? The world will probably never know. But, anyways, because of the way they recorded this – with lots of samples, a drum machine, chainsaw guitars layered over keyboards – many people see Crazed Bunnyz as an “industrial band.” Songs like “Shine, You’re Scrambled” (with a noticeable influence from Suicidal Tendencies’ “Institutionalized”) come across as closer to punk. Its all really just hard to classify.