DANGERZONE - DANGERZONE (*Used-Vinyl, 1985, Refuge Records) AoR for fans of Whiteheart

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1985 Refuge records R84038 Original 11 track LP.

Extremely hard to find release from this 4 piece band from Australia. Produced by the great "Peter Beveridge" Who gave us the 1980's Gem "Grinding Wheel." This Self titled release by "Dangerzone" is a great album packed with 1980's style synth rock With Linn Drums & Simmons Drums & some cool guitar work. There are both Female & Male lead vocals. Music sounds a bit like a mix of "Crumbacher,"  "Whiteheart" and a touch of the classic band "Silverwind."

This was never made in CD format and just about impossible to find on vinyl or cassette.

Dangerzone IS:

Njari Job

Christine Huf

Steve Huf

Tim Huf

Musician credits:

Ian Belton: Bass

John Bennetts: Simmons Drums

Leon Berger: Songwriter, Linn Drums, Synthesizers, Arrangements, Additional Vocals

John Bettison: Guitar

Peter Beveridge: Producer, Songwriter, Mixed Arrangements, Linn Drums, Synthesizer, Additional Vocals

Steve Fearnley: Drums Programmed

Malcolm Fogg: Simmons Drums

Rex Goh: Arrangements, Guitars

Andy James: Bass

Song list:

The Danger Zone 3:54

Cry For Love 4:05

Stop And Listen 4:12

Counterfeit City 3:44

Perfect Love 4:26

No Turning Back 4:34

Exciting Love 3:27

The Winners 4:10

Love You 3:13

Leaving It Up To You 3:20

Streams In The Desert 3:42