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Darkane ‎– Rusted Angel (*Used-CD, 1999, Relapse) brutal mainstream death metal

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Darkane ‎– Rusted Angel (*Used-CD, 1999, Relapse) brutal mainstream death metal

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Full length debut by Swedish (Helsingborg) Death Metal band Darkane originally issued in 1999 by War Music this CD is the US release by Relapse Records. Track listing is 1. Intro 01:22 2. Convicted 04:00 3. Bound 04:38 4. Rape of Mankind 03:59 5. Rusted Angel 06:28 6. A Wisdoms Breed 03:27 7. Chase for Existence 05:04 8. The Arcane Darkness 01:04 9. July 1999 04:07 10. Frenetic Visions 06:33

I think the international community ought to proclaim Sweden the next superpower. Perhaps not militarily but certainly in a musical sense. Yet again the Swedish Gods deliver forth another fine specimen of deadly music. DARKANE are one of the latest in a slew of newcomers playing a polished variety of Death/Thrash that is hard to compete with. It is at once clear that DARKANE has a lot in common with their neighbor ARCH ENEMY. The two bands share not only a common sound direction but even stylistically they are on par with eachother, right down to the very professional lead guitar playing and frenetic technical riffage. Being the ARCH ENEMY fan that I am I fell for Rusted Angel from the very start. From its haunting intro the album ignites with flaming, classic Swedish melodic Death Metal, all the while supported by fantastic song architecture and rock-solid musicianship. Hell, the only real difference between DARKANE and ARCH ENEMY are the vocals which I'm sorry to say, bring DARKANE down a bit in places. I can respect the band for not following the trend of demonic growling but substituting that for some high-pitched screeches doesn't thrill me either. There are times on this album though where vocalist Lawrence Mackrory implements a signing approach and it works quite well. I'd like to hear more of that in the future rather than the ear-shattering screams he currently emits. If you can focus on the music itself, you'll be highly impressed I'm sure. Its a mixture of quick-n-speedy riffing and mid-paced melodic guitar strafing with some killer drumming really driving the band's message home. There is excellent songwriting all the way around and the more you listen the more you appreciate what's been done here.
A nicely illustrated and packaged disc this is. Again, the professionalism is blinding and DARKANE, should they stay the course, will undoubtedly find themselves leading the charge in the Swedish underground. I'd say this is definately one of the better albums of 1998. Get your hands on it. Once you do, you won't let go.