DEATHROW - DECEPTION IGNORED (*Used-CD, 1988, Noise) Thrash

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1 Events In Concealment 5:32
2 The Deathwish 4:28
3 Triocton 8:11
4 N.L.Y.H. 3:12
5 Watching The World 4:51
6 Narcotic 9:21
7 Machinery 7:03
8 Bureaucrazy 4:19


The sticker that came on my copy of the album says it all: “Classic German Thrash Metal for fans of Kreator, Coroner, Metallica.”

That’s exactly it folks. This is pure brutal old time thrash. Deception Ignored is the third full length album by Deathrow and holds the reputation of being their best. This is the only album by them that I own at this time, but upon sampling some of their other stuff I can attest that that belief is largely true. The sound produced on this album is more technical, focused, and skillful.

The most noticeable difference found on this album is that Milo’s vocals have changed from being a rough Mille Petrozza impression to a higher pitched singing style. I don’t dislike this, but it’s got to fall into the category of just average. But don’t worry, this isn’t debated by anyone. Deathrow knows their strength lies not in the vocals, but in their ability to compose devastating, slashing riffs that will have you bringing out the air guitar within seconds of pressing ‘play.’ In fact, they know this so well that they actually wrote an instrumental titled “Triocton” that is literally seven straight minutes of the guitarists having what can only be described as a ‘best riff’ competition.

Apart from the vocal style the main change made for this album was the hiring of guitarist Uwe Osterlehner. Not a household name by any means (even among metal fans) but he definitely deserves some mention because the guitar work on this album is truly impressive. Not to discredit Sven Flügge, who is also good in his own right, but Osterlehner definitely gives this band the element they were missing on their previous albums.

Together they deliver what is surely a severely underrated thrash onslaught. I myself was quite surprised at how good this album actually is since I had never heard of the band prior to having purchased it. Upon first listen I couldn’t believe it as I was delivered track after track, riff after riff of outstanding technical thrash metal. And while I can’t say there’s really a song I dislike on this album, “The Deathwish” and “Triocton” are definitely the highlights for me. In fact, the lack of filler on this album makes me wonder how this band never amounted to more in their career, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

So in short, if you’re a fan of thrash this album is definitely worth consideration, especially now that it’s been conveniently reissued for those of us who weren’t around to pick it up in the 80’s.