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1 Somber Theme (Where Are You) 5:54
2 Lindsey 4:51
3 Not Too Good 4 Me 5:09
4 Anymore 4:15
5 Book Ends 6:58
6 Beauty & The Beast
Vocals – Brian Khairullah
7 Make My Bed In Hell
Guitar – Eric Bradfield
8 The Red Roof 5:20
9 In-U 4:30


I have not done this enough, but in a world bamboozled by crappy wikipedia entries and too many cookie-cutter rock acts out there, I feel the need to send some props out to DELIVERANCE. I plan to write a review for all their work on AMZ, but I chose to start with CAMELOT, by far their most underrated album by fans and critics alike. First, I am writing to educate people on this great band. 1. Yes they are Christian, 2. no they are neither Metallica or Queensryche clones, though they bear these influences as other acts do, and 3. they are as part of the metal evolution as any other band and should not be ignored.
On to the review:
1. Somber Theme: powerful album opener, aggressive and progressive, great showcase of Jimmy's vocals and witty lyrics, one of their heaviest songs.
2. Lindsey: another powerhouse, great bass work, some experimental atmosphere, but it works well here, again, great vocals and hard hitting theme in the lyrics, one of my favs from this album.
3. Not too Good 4 Me: a bit of the technical plus straight forward roch sytle, aggressive and the Bowie influence stands out here.
4. Anymore: Musical beauty that hearkens back to ballad work on Learn and Weapons, vocals and emotion are outstanding.
5. Book Ends: building from the its emotional preceeding song, this song is "classic" prog-trash-power ballad, the vocal range here is amazing and the lyrics drive home on a personal soul-searching level; Yes, I cry when I hear this one. My absolute fav on the album.
6. Beauty & the Beast: Bowie cover, a good cover at that, displaying Jimmy's vocal range and talent. As with other covers Deliverance does, they make it seem like an original composition. (see Sanctuary on Learn)
7. Make My Bed in Hell: 2 things, first, my 2nd top fav on the album, second, based on one of my favorite scripture passages Psalm 139. The music is experimental prog-rock, with atmospheric work interwoven with amazing guitar fills, a powerful chorus highlights this track.
8. The Red Roof: I have to admit that this track had to grow on me, but it is the best track to display the unique Deliverance style, thrash-prog-classic metal mix. Jimmy's vocals shine here.
9. In U: This track reminds me alot of the River Disturbance album, the vocal range is great and the lead work and fill work on the guitars is cool.
--My only gripe, is that this album is not seen for how great it really is. I love the title of the album and the cover design. True metal fans that love the total package of a band, give Deliverance your support.