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DEMON HUNTER - 45 DAYS (*Used- 2 DVD Set + 1 CD, 2008. Solid State)

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DEMON HUNTER - 45 DAYS (*Used- 2 DVD Set + 1 CD, 2008. Solid State)

Disc 01 - 45 Days Documentary (DVD)
Disc 02 - Demon Hunter Live in Nashville, Tennessee (DVD)
Disc 03 - Original Music from the Film 45 Days
Documentary + Live DVD + Music from film 45 days

In the summer of 2008 Demon Hunter embarked on the most prolific tour of their career, a 45 night pummeling of the United States, aptly titled the "Stronger Than Hell Tour". 45 Days and 1 Night is an exclusive audio/visual journey that follows every step of the band during this ground breaking tour. Featuring a full-high definition presentation of the Nashville, TN date, an an all access 90 minute documentary about the band, and much more, 45 Days & 1 Night brings fans closer to the band than ever before. The CD is a full Live Show (Rocketown, Nashville) from the "Stronger Than Hell" Tour . The DVD is a 90 minute documentary DVD (on the road with Demon Hunter) titled "45 Days". The full live show DVD was shot at Rocketown, on the "Stronger Than Hell" tour) title "1 Night".

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Closing In
2. Turn Loose The Hounds
3. Ours Alone
4. The Deep
5. Dust & Smoke
6. Purified In The Storm
7. The Scars We Don't See
8. Perseverance
9. Fading Away (acoustic version)
10. Carry Me Down (piano version)