EDEN - FAN THE FLAME (*NEW-CD, 2003, Retroactive Records) Rex Carroll of Whitecross album

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EDEN - FAN THE FLAME (*NEW-CD, 2003, Retroactive Records)

*****Rex Carroll of Whitecross album scorches this CD from start to finish! 

Magdalene Records eventually morphed into Retroactive Records......and we uncovered two of these in some boxes recently....they have been out of print for years!  

The Band started as "Scream in Eden" were formed in the early 90s and gained a short recognition with the song “Till the End” released in 1991 on the Star Song compilation Brave New World. In 1992 they changed their name to Eden and released their first full length debut album, titled “Fan the Flame” but the lack of promotion prevented the album to gain the success it deserved (only 500 CDs were ever pressed). In 2003 the album was digitally re-mastered and re-issued by Retroactive Records with a new cover.  

Song-writing here is surprisingly strong and solid, although nothing especially original. When I listen I am reminded of bands like Ratt, Tesla, early Great White, Black Crowes, Stryper, Fear Not, Poison, Whitecross, Warrant, Edgar Winter Group, and Vyper, among others. Guitar work is by none other than shred wizard Rex Carroll (Whitecross, King James, Rex Carroll Band. production is strong and clear, although not as full by today's standards. Vocals by Joe Dokken (no relation to Don) are strong and remind me at times of Terry Ilous (XYZ, Great White) or Paul Cawley, original singer of Guardian.

1 Need Somebody 5:11
2 Show Me 4:33
3 Morning Star 5:23
4 Fan The Flame 5:01
5 Tomorrow's Yesterday 4:31
6 Forgotten Child 6:03
7 Give Me A Reason 4:58
8 It's A Shame 3:32
9 Back To The Garden 3:55
10 Love Rolls On 5:35