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Embodyment ‎– Hold Your Breath (*NEW-CD, 2001, Solid State)

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Embodyment ‎– Hold Your Breath (*NEW-CD, 2001, Solid State) HYB92219

Hold Your Breath shows a new dimension of what embodyment is really capable of. For anyone who has never heard the band, this cd is a good way of getting them hooked. While previously a death metal band who was slowly working into the alternative metal market with their previous album, Embodyment has grown up and abandoned their immature anger for a new level of beauty. Sean's vocals are incredible. His lyrics are very clever and would be incredible poetry without the music they accompany. The band still hits hard on the musical end, but there is no more angry screaming. The new sound comes out somewhere along the lines of A Perfect Circle or Sevendust's mellow songs, or even somewhat like the heavier works of The Foo Fighters. This album could be the big push that breaks Embodyment into the mainstream. If you don't own it, I highly recommend picking it up. Fans of the old death metal style may be disappointed, but if you want that style, bands like Society's Finest exist. Embodyment has truly grown up with this album.

Yours Truly
Belly Up
Set The Stage
Heaven In A Letter Bomb
A Season's End
Binge And Purge
Moving On
Cruise Control