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FINAL PROPHECY - REAWAKENING (*NEW-Vinyl, 2018, Roxx Records)

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FINAL PROPHECY - REAWAKENING (*NEW-Vinyl, 2018, Roxx Records) 

LIMITED EDITION LP - Hand Numbered of 150 copies only!

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Roxx Records is excited to announce another killer Christian thrash release to melt your ears off this Summer! Welcome to the fold Florida’s very own FINAL PROPHECY !!!!
FINAL PROPHECY was formed in April of of 1990 by former Thanatos (U.S.) / Therion (U.S.) guitarist Eric Hoffman in West Palm Beach, Florida, along with drummer James Silvestri as a five-piece. Rounding out the early line-up was bassist Kyle McKelvey, guitarist Pat Flynn (now a classical music professor at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC) and vocalist Tim Williams. By August of that same year the band ended up as a trio with new bassist Nick Varhola entering the fold.
As a trio, FINAL PROPHECY would record and release two studio demo’s, “HE SET THE CAPTIVES FREE” (1990) and “RUDE AWAKENING” (1991), as well as having played with such acts as Dauphin (formerly Revelation), Royal Anguish, Prophecy, Demented Jester, Fatal Sin, and Torn Flesh.
After the release of their sophomore effort “RUDE AWAKENING”, both James and Nick left to pursue other opportunities.
Though officially put to rest, one last FINAL PROPHECY demo was recorded for a planned 7” release on the A.R.T Records label, “THROUGH EYES OF FIRE” (1992). This session would go unreleased...until now.
We are very happy to announce FINAL PROPHECY ‘RE-AWAKENING THE DEMO 1990-1992’ which will be released on Limited Edition CD and also for a limited time on vinyl!!! Continuing on with our limited edition Roxx Underground Series and coming in at #9 in the series, this will be limited to only 150 hand numbered copies on black vinyl. The CD pressing will be equally limited with a one-time pressing of only 300 copies!

RE-AWAKENING: The Demos 1990-1992
Side A
1. We Must Die
2. Divided in Truth
3. Where Pain Never Dwells
4. Rude Awakening
Side B
5. Burn
6. Product of Society
7. Through Eyes of Fire
8. Satan (Vinyl only Bonus Track)