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HEAVEN'S RAGE - TEMPORARY (*NEW-CD, 1993, Indie) Christian Thrash Metal

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HEAVEN'S RAGE - TEMPORARY (*NEW-CD, 1993, Indie) Christian Thrash Metal

Original Indie release / not a reissue (limited numbers available) Heaven's Rage is a band that obviously grew up listening to the thrash metal classics. Their 1993 indie release is for fans of Metallica, Megadeath, Testament, Tourniquet, and Deliverance, featuring weighty, dissonant guitars coupled with groovin' mosh-inducing crunch, propelling waves of relentless energy with all the speed, hooks, and solos that classic thrash metal heads reminisce about from the band that later became Lucid. 

1 Listen
2 Answer
3 Slave
4 Zombie
5 Junkie
6 Drown
7 Demoralized
8 Empty
9 Mad Cow
10 Temporary
11 Stand
12 Choices
13 Waiting
14 Nailed
15 Generation "X"
16 Repent

16 songs TT: 53:48 10-page insert w/lyrics

"Mmmmmm....BEEFY!" Man, I haven't heard heavy METAL grooves like this in awhile, Heaven's Rage start with a mid-tempo thrash foundation and slam on tons of big 90's power and aggression. The production is very scratchy and organic, but suits the music by providing a rough, textured guitar tone (the same on every track). Most fans of Leaderdogs for the Blind, Jesus Freaks, Erase, Eternal Decision, and Tourniquet (old) will turn this up with a fat grin. Not a lot of lead guitar, but some. The vocals are ocassionally distorted ala Leaderdogs or mid-period Tourniquet, but the words are usually understandable. Actually, some of the songs remind me of "Among the Dead" from Vengeance Rising's Once Dead album, especially the chorus of "Mad Cow" (almost a direct lift).

There's no great songwriting to speak of on this album, and most of the riffs have been heard before, but there's plenty of good 'ole churning crunch that I found very satisfying in this metal-starved age. The lyrics are totally open about Christ, leaning heavily on traditional Christian metal themes (so there's nothing too creative or deep going on). The first track is just an honest spoken-word proclamation of the gospel, for those of you who are into giving-CDs-to-your-friends evangelism and want something really direct.

By Josh Spencer

Heaven's Rage morphed into Lucid after this 1993 indy release. The Rage were well schooled on the thrash metal classics- featuring flashes of Metallica, Megadeth, Tourniquet and Deliverance. Loaded with beefy, dissonant guitars coupled with mosh-inducing crunch! Tons of energy all loaded with speed, hooks, and solos. Lyrics included-and to the point they are. For example from the title track "Temporary:" It takes a little more than to just darken the door.

Inspiring all the way around.

Bob Felberg