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IN GRIEF - DESERTED SOUL (NEW-CD, 2009, Bombworks) Amazing progressive melodic doom death metal!

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Atmosphere, melody and brutality collide on the debut from In Grief. Hailing from the frigid north of Norway, In Grief storms onto the scene with a fresh, unique sound for the extreme metal movement. The band incorporates elements from death metal and black metal while maintaining a very smooth atmospheric sound throughout, using haunting synths, lots of dynamic contrast, and catchy dark melodies amidst the crushing guitar attack, pounding drums, and brutal and haunting vocals. Each song contains a complex compositional structure and begs the listener to allow themselves to be absorbed into the various musical nuances. The end result is refreshing as the band explores the entire sonic soundscape, slowing things down and employing liberal decrescendos, synths and melodic guitars only to then crush the listeners skull with dynamic crescendos, crushing guitars with powerful and memorable riffs, and David Sandviks well-accomplished vocals. DESERTED SOUL contains 7 songs but clocks in at nearly 50 minutes, and by the time the CD is done, the listener is already longing for more.

In Grief is recommended for fans of Opeth, Soilwork, Amon Amarth, and Scar Symmetry, and fans of death / black that is both progressive and atmospheric. If your ears long for a musical adventure that is both soothing and brutal while never losing your interest, In Grief is the prescription!