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JOSHUA - SURRENDER (*Used-CD, 1992, Ocean Records)

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JOSHUA - SURRENDER (*Used-CD, 1992, Ocean Records)

Blazing melodic metal!


Joshua' is the melodic hard rock band led by American guitarist Joshua Perahia and `Surrender' is their second album originally release in 1985. A good part of Hard rock/AOR journalists and enthusiast consider `Surrender' to be amongst the greatest albums the genre has ever produced-if not the greatest. There are a number of reasons for that claim and I have to say I very much share the same view.

First the songwriting throughout `Surrender' is outstanding to the point where is does not get any better. The whole album is built on melody and decimating AOR choruses: `Surrender love' is the ultimate melodic rock protest, `Your love is gone' carries more drama than the listener could handle while `heart full of soul' is so introspective and personal that convinces the listener upon first play. And there is of course `Hold On' a frenetic hard rocker that brings down any wall.

What separates `Surrender' from other highly acclaimed diamonds of the genre is that the album does not simply stand on stellar songwriting; it is complemented by equally unique performances. Joshua Perahia is probably the most melodic shredder ever- demonstrating speed, consistency and depth to match the respective skills of Chris Impellitteri and Zeno Roth. He shreds at full speed from the first track to the final making the overall result even more climactic.

Equally indispensable is the contribution of lead singer Jeff Fenholt who puts on a monumental performance that leaves no room for doubt, his technical ability and expressiveness is easily comparable to the skills of Rob Rock and Michael Flexig.



This is not technically a reissue of Joshua's 2nd album originally released in 1985, but is rather a substantial re-recording. This version added an extra song (Track 8) with Robyn Kyle (Basauri) on vocals, and also replaced Ken Tamplin's original vocals on Track 9 with Robyn's. Jeff Fenholt's original recorded vocals were kept for all the other tracks while preparing new instrumentation recordings for everything, including Track 9. This reworked version of the album has been reissued on CD several times, sometimes with additional remastering, but this was the first issue of it in 1992.

This cover art is exclusive to this original 1992 version.


1 Surrender Love 4:32

2 Heart Full Of Soul 4:33

3 Your Love Is Gone 4:19

4 Stay Alive 4:44

5 Rockin' The World 4:42

6 Back To The Rock 3:36

7 Hold On 4:06

8 Show Me The Way 4:24

9 Loveshock 5:10

10 Rockin' The World (Reprise) 0:51