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Kansas ‎– Freaks Of Nature (*NEW-CD, 1995) Features track written by Kerry Livgren

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Kansas ‎– Freaks Of Nature (*NEW-CD, 1995) Features track written by Kerry Livgren

I love 'Masque' from 1975 and appreciate the better songs on 'Left overture' and I thought that they would never top 'point of know return' but this 1995 release comes very close. No Kerry Livgren on it though they do play one of his songs (and cold grey morning is magnificent).

They employ a second keyboardist and Greg Robert is superb. David Ragsdale moves me with his violin playing and unlike his predecessor the fabulous Robbie he doesn't shred and play like a rock star. David has more finesse and plays longer sweeter notes. Billy Greer plays bass in the Kansas way and is a good backing singer too. The original trio of Ehart, Williams and Walsh are on sparkling form and we are treated to nine marvellous tracks.

Walsh's song writing is superb. Songs like 'under the knife' and 'hope once again' are as good as music gets and on first listening are the ones that stick in your brain. There are some heavy rockers on here too. Black fathom 4 is again top notch as is 'I can fly' which I also love. Hell, all the songs are outta this world. Yes, I will say it this album is on a par with P.O.K.R and I prefer it in truth because it is more accessible and less proggy than we have ever known them. The next album saw the return of Robbie and Kerry and it was back to long songs again. Trust me this little known gem ''Freaks of nature'' is Kansas at their very best and that is really saying something. Buy it just buy it. If you get just one Kansas album in your life get this. Describing it as prog rock would actually be an insult.

1 I Can Fly
Written-By – Ragsdale*, Walsh*
2 Desperate Times
Written-By – Walsh*
3 Hope Once Again
Written-By – Walsh*
4 Black Fathom 4
Written-By – Ragsdale*, Walsh*
5 Under The Knife
Written-By – Ragsdale*, Walsh*
6 Need
Written-By – Walsh*
7 Freaks Of Nature
Written-By – Ragsdale*, Ehart*, Walsh*
8 Cold Grey Morning
Written-By – Livgren*
9 Peaceful And Warm
Written-By – Walsh*