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KEN TAMPLIN - SOUL SURVIVOR (Used-CD, 1991, Intense Records) Original Issue

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1991's Soul Survivor is the second solo release from former Shout vocalist Ken Tamplin. With this album, a considerably less glam metal Ken Tamplin continues to take his brand of Christian rock in a more melodic, radio-friendly direction (not that radio would have touched this album, but that's another story). I liked the heavier, more guitar oriented Shout sound, but I'm enjoying Tamplin's solo stuff as well. It helps that the religious content of the lyrics isn't overemphasized, making the album more accessible to people like me who really just want to hear a good melodic rock album.

I definitely can recommend Soul Survivor to anyone who's still into the early 90's melodic rock sound. Christian rock fans and Shout/Tamplin fans will obviously get the most out of the album, but it should please anyone into bands like Giant, Von Groove, Bad English, etc.