KEN TAMPLIN - TAMPLIN (*Used-CD, 1993, Benson) Super AOR/Hair Metal!

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KEN TAMPLIN - TAMPLIN (*Used-CD, 1993, Benson) Super AOR/Hair Metal!

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Dancing On A Volcano
Slave Trade
Mystery Train
Don't Let The Sky Fall On Me
In The Lap Of Legends
When The Clock Runs Down
Get Out Of My Sun
All The King's Horses
Movers And Shakers
Suspicious Eyes

Tamplin's eponyous sopohmore album is easy their strongest offering as a band. The band is extremely polished on the album, and Ken's vocals standout throughout the entire offering. The main problem for Tamplin was, this was released in 1993, not 1989.

The overall sound of "Tamplin" is undeniably melodic rock, with the typical overproduction Ken Tamplin is known for. This in itself is one of the issues I have with Ken Tamplin. The dude is major talented, but he sometimes overproduces his albums to take away any of the rawness of the rock sound. That small issue aside, "Tamplin" is a pretty solid slice of melodic rock music, and one can imagine most of these songs being radio hits in a different year. My favorite tracks from the album were "Dancing on a Volcano," "Testify," "Don't Let the Sky Fall on Me" and "In the Lap of Legends". The rest were good enough, but these caught my ear the most.

This is easily Ken Tamplin's best solo album, overall. Ken's other albums aren't terrible either, but this self-titled album seems like all the stars were aligned for it to be his most concentrated effort. While a Christian artist, Ken Tamplin never really shoves it in your face. Which is good for the people that don't prefer the religious aspect of his music, it doesn't bother me, but I know it would some listeners.