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Kids In the Way - Apparitions of Melody: The Dead Letters Edition (*NEW 2-Disc Set, 2006 Flicker)

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Kids In the Way - Apparitions of Melody: The Dead Letters Edition (*NEW 2-Disc Set, 2006 Flicker)                                                AOM092119

Still sealed - 1 copy only

2 new tracks + 3 music videos plus an in-studio documentary with the band

1. Fiction
2. Apparitions Of Melody
3. Safety In The Darkness
4. Even Snakes Have Hearts
5. Getting Over Me
6. Last Day Of 1888
7. Breaking The Legs Of Sheep
8. The Seed We've Sown
9. Sad And Guilty Ways
10. Blind Behind The Wheel
11. Burt Rutan
12. Head Over Heels
13. This Could Be The Song That Change Your Heart

Let me start off by saying that over time I have come to appreciate the occasional scream or two in my music, but I continue to feel it must fit in the music and it can't be the basis for the music. This said, the balance of vocals(singing and screaming) are pleasant, in that one compliments the other. Is it the best vocals I have heard? No, but... it's still pretty good. Overall I love this cd though, an despite being minimally weak in vocals it makes up for in the way they vocals are applied, sometimes an artist just learns how to work with what they have and I feel this is the case here. So all in all I love this album, it's got that hard rock hitting beat and sound with a positive message slid in from time to time too. While this is technically a Christian Band, I feel that there music speaks for itself and just about anyone who likes the style they play will enjoy this album, whether they share the same beliefs or not. It's a strong album and considering what it's going for on Amazon right now as far as price, I couldn't say no! One last thing, there are two versions of this album and the track listing for the other version is incorrect last time I checked. This version the Dead Letters Edition has more tracks and some of them are can't miss so don't bother with the other version. This is the one you want!