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KING JAMES-KING JAMES (Used-CD, 1994, Star Song) Rex Carroll, Whitecross, Stryper

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KING JAMES-KING JAMES (Used-CD, 1994, Star Song) Rex Carroll, Whitecross, Stryper

1 Hard Road To Go
2 Prisoner
3 Touch The Fire
4 Miracles
5 Desperate
6 Love Is Gonna Find You
7 Stand Up & Fight
8 Choices
9 Miracles (Acoustic Remix)
10 Rev Rider
11 Sunrise In Rio
12 Face To Face
13 Face To Face / Reprise

Producer – Rex Carroll

King James is what most people would call a "white" metal supergroup. The band was comprised of Tim Gaines and Robert Sweet of Stryper, along with guitar virtuoso and Whitecross founding member Rex Carroll, King James was rounded out by vocalist Jimi Bennett. Even though the least known, Jimi Bennett is not a weak link, in fact he shines throughout then entire album.

Considering the core of the band cut their chops during the 80's, King James sound is not hard to envision. The band follows the melodic rock formula closely and considering the record was released in 1994, that took an immense amount of courage. I do have some quips with this album though. The record has thirteen tracks listed, however there are actually only ten songs. Rex has two instumentals on the album, (sorry I hate instrumentals) and the band remixed the power ballad "Miracles", which also seems unnecessary to me, but what do I know?? The rest of the album is comprised of five hard rock songs and five ballads. To me that's to many ballads, but I guess if you dig ballads it's right down your street.

King James released a follow-up album in 1997 entitled "The Fall". By 1997, King James had embraced the alternative flood and washed away their melodic rock sound and look. Overall, I highly reccommend King James's debut album. The album is a little to heavy with the ballads like I said, but rockers like "Hard Road To Go", "Prisoner", and "Choices" make it worth the while.