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LEGEND SEVEN - BLIND FAITH (*NEW-CD, 1993, Word) Christian pop metal AOR

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LEGEND SEVEN - BLIND FAITH (*Used-CD, 1993, Word) Christian pop metal AOR


1 Refuge 5:52
2 Burning Desire 4:58
3 Blind Fatih 4:56
4 The Calm (After The Storm) 5:43
5 Call On Me 5:40
6 Shoot Straight Johnny 4:51
7 Hold Out 4:10
8 First Love 4:52
9 Soul Surrender 4:51
10 Be Still 3:54

This album rocks! Legend Seven uses heart-gripping words and bangin' music to describe their faith and experiences. If you love hard core rock and sincere lyrics this cd is especially for you.

Blind faith is a jazzy-rock combination that boasts of having confidence where you don't have to see what you're looking for to believe it's there. This song is pretty wild combining swing-like jazz and loud rock to make music where straight up rockers, punkers, and jazz/r&b fans can get out of their seats and bust a move for their faith.

Shoot straight Johnny is the story about a bad boy who once was wanted, has been converted, and mysteriously changed. It's a loud, wild song encouraging the guy to keep up the faith. Saddle up, put on yer cowboy hat and git ready to ride...

Be Still and First Love are the most beautiful songs on this cd. Be still is a reminder that God will speak and He will always be there for you no matter what happens. This song has awesome lyrics (it's kind of like those ZoeGirl and OOE songs that have mountains falling, and stars colliding, it's pretty intense).