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LIVESAY - DARKEST HOUR (CD, 2000) melodic metal ***LAST COPY

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I was a bit skeptical when my cousin's Fiance told me about this Band, but she has such Great taste and I'm already a Big Malmsteen/Dream theater fan plus it already recieved great reviews here so I went ahead and ordered it. The first thing I noticed when I recieved the CD was the Killer Cover, so I thought alright great cover art there has to be something worth while inside then,MAN I'm glad she turned me on to Livesay these guys know how to Rock,I don't think I need to comment on how these guys sound, especially if you've read the below Reviews already, On The Money... I'd Recommend Livesay to anyone who Rocks out to REAL METAL, I look forward to whatever they have planned for the future. To the Band...Keep Rockin and I'll keep buying, you've sold me already so keep it Real and keep it Live.

1 Awakening
2 Darkest Hour
3 With or without you
4 Looking For Tomorrow
5 Voyager
Songwriter – Ronnie Montrose
6 Love N' Chains
7 You Won't See Me Fall