Living Sacrifice ‎– The Infinite Order (*NEW-CD, 2010, Solid State) *Last copies!

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Living Sacrifice ‎– The Infinite Order (*NEW-CD, 2010, Solid State)

Living Sacrifice is legendary. Former and current members of the Christian metal band went on to play in Evanescence, P.O.D. and Norma Jean. The Infinite Order, the band's new album, was produced by Jeremiah Scott (Destroy Destroy Destroy) and mixed by Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Machine Head) and announces the return of Living Sacrifice with might and majesty. Powerful, forthright, thrashy and skillfully executed as ever, the album serves as an unapologetic reminder as to exactly why so many of today's heavy music leaders hold Living Sacrifice and their legacy in such high-esteem. As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis sums it up best: "You can hear Living Sacrifice's legacy in the entire generation of bands who've come after them. And those bands still haven't caught up."

Overkill Exposure 2:49
Rules Of Engagement 3:28
Nietzche's Madness 3:35
Unfit To Live 4:27
The Training 4:18
Organized Lie 3:23
The Reckoning 3:41
Love Forgives 3:25
They Were One 3:21
God Is My Home 4:52
Apostasy 6:45