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Because of the controversy generated by Shaded Pain, Michael Knott had a difficult time convincing a record label to fund future endeavors. Left with little alternative, he decided to pool his funds and release the second L.S.U record independently.

As a result Wakin' Up The Dead suffers from is low production value. The other is a blurring of the crisp vision that made Shaded Pain such a revelation. These could have been Knott's intention.

Wakin' Up The Dead is more guitar-driven than its predecessor. Knott's partner, Brian Doidge, left the band in the interim between records, and so L.S.U. became more of a solo venture.

Moments of Wakin' Up the Dead eclipse the eerieness of Shaded Pain, particularly the stark "Ocean Blue" and raving-lunatic verses of "The House of Love". This is also the first time Knott experimented with doubling and tripling the vocal track, making his ominous baritone so much the creepier. Though Wakin Up The Dead is more reliant on thick guitars than its predecessor, the album boasts L.S.U.'s first bona fide pop single, the optimistic, uptempo "Touch.


1 The Bomb

2 Ocean Blue

3 Touch

4 House Of Love

5 Revival Nineties

6 Carry Me To Cairo

7 Come Alive Again

8 Dancin' In The Kettle

9 I Need You So

10 Nineties Tease

11 Wakin' Up The Dead

Live At Cornerstone Vol. II

12 Intro: This Is Just My Life

13 Free Her

14 Jordan River

15 I'm Torn

16 Bye Bye Color

17 Die Baby Die

18 Ripped Off By Record Companies

19 Benny

20 Hang Me High

21 Shaded Pain