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MANTAS - DEATH BY METAL (*NEW-CD, 2012, Relapse) Pre-Death demo with Chuck Schuldiner Thrash Metal

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MANTAS - DEATH BY METAL (*NEW-CD, 2012, Relapse) Pre-Death demo with Chuck Schuldiner Thrash Metal

New but not sealed - comes in re-sealable sleeve - new jewel case

This is where it all began. For the first time ever Chuck Schuldiner's pre-Death band Mantas' recordings have been officially collected into one fully authorized compilation. Death By Metal is the brutally raw sound of an entire genre being born out of the basement of Chuck Schuldiner's Florida home close to three decades ago. These are the earliest recordings of death metal legend, pioneer and groundbreaker Chuck Schuldiner absolutely ripping the face off of hordes of devotees worldwide. This is the first time that these recordings have been legitimately available since their original release as the Death By Metal demo tape (1984).

Death By Metal Demo (Version 1)
1 Legion Of Doom 3:42
2 Evil Dead 3:22
3 Mantas 2:42
4 Death By Metal 2:36
5 Power Of Darkness 3:20
Death By Metal Demo (Version 2)
6 Legion Of Doom 3:41
7 Power Of Darkness 2:40
8 Death By Metal 2:40
9 Evil Dead 3:26
Rehearsal, Early 1984
10 Legion Of Doom 3:53
11 Mantas 3:20
12 Death By Metal 2:39
13 Evil Dead 4:10
14 Rise Of Satan
Words By, Music By – Chuck Schuldiner, Rick Rozz

Mantas' "Death by Metal" is the first demo that the band recorded, and final before changing their name to Death. While not exactly pleasant to listen to (the sound quality is poor, as is to be expected), it's undeniable that this is a highly important piece of death metal history, and a necessity in the collection of any Death fan. Musically, you can expect primitive death metal, with a strong thrash/speed metal-influence. As this recording features Kam Lee, much of the vocals are performed in a deeper style than most Death fans would be used to, though Kam Lee sounds like a cartoon character here (I mean, it's 1984..."From Beyond" didn't come for many years later). As previously mentioned, to my knowledge this was recorded in a garage or basement, so it sounds absolutely abysmal (I mean...what did you expect?), but at the same time it's still not completely useless...the listener can clearly make out what's going on with the drums, guitars, & vocals, so that should stand for something.

Having listened to all of Death's demos, it kind of saddens me that this is still the only one to get officially reissued, as it's always been my least favorite. While it's cool, especially with all the bonus material, I'm still waiting for "Infernal Death", "Reign of Terror", "Back from the Dead", and of course the infamous "Mutilation" demo to get their respective reissues on CD, in similar fashion to this one.