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MARK POGUE & FORTRESS - RESTORATION (*Used-CD, 1991, Pakaderm) AOR John Elefante + X-sinner

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MARK POGUE & FORTRESS - RESTORATION (*Used-CD, 1991, Pakaderm) John Elefante + X-sinner


"Another of those little heard about, but well worth tracking down releases. Dino & John Elefante are in the production seat on this and as with most things they are involved with in the CCM market or otherwise (The Brave, Barren Cross etc) you know you will be getting a quality album. This is a straight down the line Christian AOR album with some great songs onboard (Who Do I Believe, Get Up, Bride Of Restoration, Let It Go), Immaculate production, great band, Great vocal - Great album!!!"

Jez - Heavy Harmonies Volunteer

1 Who Do I Believe 4:28
2 Get Up 4:41
3 I'll Never Love That Way Again 4:15
4 Love Is Just A Prayer Away 4:09
5 Holy Man 4:38
6 Money Can't Buy 3:29
7 Never Too Late 3:43
8 Bride Of Restauration 4:34
9 Let It Go 3:59
10 Family Man 3:38